Email Setup

As part of your web hosting package you also have access to email.

To access your email on the web go to:

From here you can view mail, change your password, setup forwarders, and other settings.

To access your email from an email client like Outlook, use the following settings:

  • Username: Your email address
  • Password: Your email password
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Incoming Port: 25
  • Outgoing Mail Server:

Unless you have an SSL certificate installed for your site, you may get a security warning if you try to use a secure connection to access your mail. If you would still like to use a secure connection and have not purchased an SSL certificate you can use the actual server name your site is installed on instead of your actual domain name. You should have gotten this name in your welcome message, but you can also request this again by entering a support ticket. It will look something like

Here are links for directions on setting up the account with various email clients:

iOS (iPhone or iPad)

Mac Mail

Microsoft Outlook

Gmail Web Interface


When configuring mail clients you will be asked to choose between POP or IMAP. When you use POP, the client will delete the messages from the server when you connect. If you use IMAP, they will only be deleted when you actually delete it from a client. If you will be connecting to your mail from more then one location (ex. the web interface, and your phone) then you should probably use IMAP.

Deleting Messages

There are limits to the amount of messages you can store on the server, this limit is determined by the size of your hosting account. To make sure you don't run out of space, you should make sure to periodically delete any trash or spam that may be saved on the server. Any email that is sent is also automatically stored in a sent folder as well, which will also take some disk space.

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