This site was a long term project for an internal tool, used by the NY division of E-One. There were three separate tiers to this project. The first part consisted of a sweepstakes entry form. Fire departments were invited to enter a sweepstakes by providing information on their fleet of emergency vehicles. The second part consisted of building a custom CRM, enabling sales reps to access, modify, and manage all of the information collected during the sweepstakes. The final tier was for a custom configuration tool. This very elaborate interface enables an engineer to upload CAD drawings of various parts of emergency vehicles, and configure the relationships between them. Once the data is uploaded and configured, a sales rep is able to answer a simple questionaire, resulting in an image of a complete fire truck being displayed on screen, per the selected options. This tool, which takes only minutes to run, replaced an 8 hour manual process, saving the cost of the website, countless times over. The site itself was built using the Zend Framework, and the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework.

Window Cleaning & More


This is a WordPress site, built on the Genesis Framework. Special custom work was done to provide a tabbed interface for each description on each of the services pages.

Premier Gold, Silver & Coins


This is a WordPress site, built on the Genesis Framework. Extra custom work was done on this site to build a template for the JavaScript interface on the "What We Buy" page, enabling users to expand a section to show more details on a thumbnail.

Azereon uses Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, CentOS, and more.