I have ideas, lots of them. Just having an idea isn't good enough though, making it happen is. So I began to wonder. How can I make these ideas happen? How can I turn them into something epic? I soon came to realize the important role the internet could play in my plans. The internet has exploded, and is the most far reaching system ever built by man. It has become a breeding ground for opportunities to explore ideas and bring them to fruition. As I've always enjoyed working with computers and programming, this seemed like a natural fit.

I began spending more of my time exploring the web, and all the different ways I could manipulate it with HTML, CSS, and PHP, some of the languages of the internet. As I became more well versed in my trade, people began to ask me for help. They had ideas of their own, and they realized they needed to bring them to the web too. I wasn't alone, there were others that sought to do the same thing I was. So I decided to build a system that I could use to construct these ideas. This web site was born. I created a business that enabled me to take the ideas of others, and help them to explore them as I was my own, and I was now able to help them to bring their ideas to completion as well. I created Azereon, LLC.

For me this isn't just a job, or simply a means to an end. It allows me to explore my creative side, to come up with real solutions to meaningful problems. It enables me to help people, like the young entrepreneur who had an idea, or the mom who wanted a way to work from home so she could be with her kids. I get to help them run with their ideas like I did with my own. I find this satisfying and rewarding, all the while, building for myself a way to focus on the important things in my life as well.

We won't stop here. We keep thinking of new ideas every day, and we keep finding new ways to make those ideas happen. We want you to be a part of it.

So what are your ideas? I know you have one of your own. Dream it, and we'll help you make it a reality.

Adam Romer - Founder

Azereon uses Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, CentOS, and more.